King Zoser

King Zoser who was he? What time frame did he live in? What was his place in history? This is what this page will answer and give you a in site into his life.

King Zoser lived in the Third Dynasty which lasted from 2686 BC to 2613 BC. This was the beginning of the Old Kingdom. He was born in 2667 BC and died in 2648 BC.

King Zoser's Step Pyramid of Saqqara is thought to be the first pyramid ever built in Egypt and the oldest stone building still standing in Egypt. His pyramid was built and designed by the architect Imhotep whose image is depicted on the background of this page. Before this most tombs were made of sun- dried bricks.

King Zosers large Step Pyramid showed the pharaoh's power and started the pyramid as the pre-eminent Pharaonic burial structure.

The pyramid was built in six stages or steps, it rises to a height of 204 feet. The original limestone facing is gone. Zoser's burial chamber is at the bottom of a shaft more than ninety feet under the base of the pyramid. Even in this initial form the pyramid reaches out to link man with eternity. A thirty-five acre mortuary complex contains the pyramid, a small temple, courtyards, a palace, shrines, altars, storehouses, and tombs. The complex is surrounded by an enclosing or perimeter wall. There is one entrance, a simple doorway.The beautiful form is introduced in Zoser's complex and lasts in variations throughout Egyptian architecture. This is the first true pyramid. It standardizes the shape of all pyramids to come.

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