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Ancient Prince Horus

The Falcon god, Horus, is the lord of the skies and one of the most important of ancient egyptian dieties.

(mumified hawk)Horus was the principal god of Hierakonpolis. He is represented as a hawk. In this picture he is wearing the plumed crown, two erect ostrich feathers of gold, and in front the uraeus, the serpent symbol of royal power.

Son of Osiris and Isis, he is said to have avenged his fathers murder by defeating and castrating the god of evil, Set, whom his father was never able to defeat. Horus became the qunticential prototype that all pharoahs tried to emulate."As Heru-Ur, "Horus the Elder", he was the patron deity of Upper (Southern) Egypt from the earliest times; initially, viewed as the twin brother of Set (the patron of Lower Egypt), but he became the conqueror of Set c. 3100 B.C.E. when Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt and formed the unified kingdom of Egypt"(Knight 1995). Horus's form can today be seen flying as the logo of Egypt's national airline, Egypt Air.

Nile Sunset

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